Saturday, May 25, 2013


Memorial Day weekend always starts with the Scandinavian Festival. All my family (aunts, uncles cousins, etc...) meet at my sister's house because she lives on Main Street and she makes breakfast for us all. This will be the last time, however, because she and her family are moving. I am happy for her, but sad for me. I'll be the last of my family living in town. Sad day.
The parade in action.
We had quite a group this year! Lots of cousins came and it was really fun to see everyone and visit. I really love this tradition. We all have such a great time!

Princess P with her cousins.
The kids got lots of candy, otter pops, frisbees, balls, pens and even a toothbrush from the floats. I love living in a small town!
My guys and some relatives at the parade.
This year marked the first year there was a mountain bike race and Big C and Little C both decided to ride in it. It was called 'Vike on a Bike'. They did great and had a good time and also got a free t-shirt!

The race line-up. 
I was impressed at how popular the bike race was for it's first year. There were lots of different categories for every type of rider, so families came and rode too. Very fun!

Princess P and Miss B have a good time sliding.
We stood in horribly long lines for BBQ turkey and Tornado potatoes, etc... and then looked through the booths and the kids played on the blow up toys. It was a beautiful day and we all got sunburned. 

At my parents headstone in the cemetery.
Of course we went out to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves.  It was a good day full of family and fun which is traditionally what this weekend has become for us.


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