Friday, August 16, 2013


Our last week of freedom! Little C went to Colorado with his cousins and when we were dropping him off, Big C decided to kayak the Spanish Fork River. 
Big C surfs a wave.
It is only a Class 2, but he had fun and at least there was some water to boat in. He wasn't complaining.

Big C hikes his boat out of the ravine.
Yesterday, I was in charge of the combined activity for the Young Women and Young Men in our ward. We did a BBQ and Super Slide. It was really fun and the kids all enjoyed it.
Top of the slide.
The custodian for the Elementary school is in our ward and set us up with a hose and some tables. It worked out perfectly for us! 
A supermans it down the slide.
 My kids are good at the slide since they do it every year at our Gordon Reunion. Some of the kids in the ward had a hard time getting any momentum. It was an awesome hill for it though. Perfect!
Princess P shows us how to do it right!

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