Sunday, September 29, 2013


Lots of little happenings are going on at our house, so I thought I'd share a few tidbits. 

Big C has been doing some work for a friend who happens to be a photographer. Our friend posted this photo of him cutting cement on Facebook with the caption, 'Muy Macho!' I just couldn't resist stealing it. It is truly a cool photo!
Husband at work!
 My sister's son just got baptized yesterday and we went up to be there with him. I love to see my kids together with their cousins. I loved my cousins growing up and want the same fun friendships for them!
Cousins are the best!
 Little C is not really into scouting, but he does it because he is supposed to. His leader is amazing and has really helped him get going and caught up to where he needs to be. He just got 9 merit badges and his First and Second Classes.
Christian getting his stack of merit badge cards.
Princess P has to do book reports this year in school and it is actually something she is excited about. For the first month she chose World's Greatest Fairy Tales (a book I used to read when I was growing up). She made a diorama all by herself and I was SO impressed! I loved it!
Snow White in her glass coffin with Prince Charming, elf, and assorted woodland creatures.
 A just asked a girl to Homecoming the other day and got an answer tonight. It came in the form of a huge ball of plastic wrap with candy in it and the answer in the core. She said 'YES!'
It's not even Halloween yet- look at all that candy!

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