Sunday, October 6, 2013


General Conference weekend is a time when we sometimes start to feel cooped up inside. I wanted to go up the canyon and look at the leaves, so we took a ride up after the second session. I agreed with Big C that it would be fun to take a little hike and look at the colors. However, our experience turned out very different than a 'little hike.'
Little C, A and Princess P pose for a photo. I have interesting children, no?
The first mistake was to let Big C lead the way. He just cannot see the rationale of staying on a trail. It just isn't in his nature. Trails are for sissies, didn't you know?

A fallen log over a gully. 
To be fair, we did see things we wouldn't have seen if we'd stayed on a trail. But A ended up tearing a large hole in his pants and we all ended up with scratches and stickers as well. (At least we weren't sissies, though).

We found this really cool fungus growing on a log. (Notice the snow too).
The colors were fantastic! So, even though we had to climb straight up a cliff and over about 37 dead trees to get back to the truck, at least it was a beautiful trek.

Lake Hill or Community Lake (Ephraim Canyon).
We ended up at the Community campground up Ephraim Canyon after our grueling hike and it was a gorgeous sight to behold! I LOVE autumn! We couldn't have had more perfect weather.

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