Saturday, September 21, 2013


 My husband loves to rock climb and usually he has to make the rest of us go with him. None of us are nearly as into it as he is {except for my daughter that's on a mission), so sometimes we don't have the best attitude. Maple Canyon is such a beautiful place to be that I just take my sketchbook and draw.

Little C's photo of Big C. 
We thought this photo made a great ad for Maple Canyon with the Maple leaves, so I put text on it.

Big C talks climbing with Little C.
Little C climbs.
Little C wasn't loving climbing this day, but he did clean the first two quick draws.
Princess P is the one who was really on! She was like a little spider and cleaned all the rest of the quick draws.
Princess P at the very tippy top!
Big C was so proud of her and she was thrilled too! It was a 5-10b! There is no way I could do that climb. She was awesome -an Energizer Bunny!
Princess P and all the quick draws she cleaned on the route.
After our climbing trip, we went to my nieces' birthday party. A had been at work all day, so he met us at the party.
Big C and A
My nephew with A's longboard. It looks like a surfboard for him. Isn't he CUTE!
Little Miss C driving Princess P around in her jeep.

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