Saturday, September 14, 2013


I really do like to run rivers, but the Westwater section of the Colorado really scares me and I haven't been back since I dumped everyone {including myself} out of my boat 4 years ago. My husband, on the other hand {adrenaline junkie that he is}, loves Westwater and gets at least one permit per year. Here are some of the awesome photos taken from multiple sources from this year's trip.
Everybody loves a good horizon line (the drop in the river)!
That's Big C in the kayak.
A shot of the group from Big C's GoPro.

Another shot from Big C's GoPro of Skull rapid.

Into the hole of Skull! It was huge and hungry!

Big C tows in a friend who swam Skull rapid. I think there were about 6 people that swam Skull this trip! Yikes!
The trip really went well considering it was Friday the 13th!

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