Thursday, October 10, 2013


Our beautiful autumn weather has turned on us like an icy... icicle! We have not enjoyed this change because we are still playing a soccer tournament. The game last night was FREEZING!! We were all in winter clothes, with beanies and gloves. BRRRR!!!
Little C shows us his surprise at how cold it was.
 The game went well. The boys played hard and as a team. The score was a tie in the end so we ended up in a double shootout. We lost by one. It was a bummer, but frankly we were glad to get home and warm up!
Little C in the gray socks.
 Since our season ended with this game, we are going to have a team pizza party at my house next week. They have been a fun bunch of boys to have on our team. It was busy, but I did enjoy it- it's soccer, after all!
A boy and his skis-- is there any closer bond?
Speaking of cold weather... since winter is just around the corner (I have very mixed feelings about that),  A decided he needed some new ski gear. He got a fantastic deal on the internet and his skis came today. I love how skis don't match these days. So fun! He is super excited for snow. I can wait.

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